Kahana C.- Encino, CA

I am giving this testimonial to all the people suffering with back, neck, head and limb injuries who need the immediate service and treatment of a highly skilled master; a doctor of chiropractic- in my case, Dr. Yarone Schnitman.

Almost two years ago, I was severely injured in a head-on collision with another car being driven by a drunk driver who was talking on a cellphone. I sustained and suffer from permanent nerve damage on the right side of my neck; both wrists and my lower back. I lost strength in my right arm and the nerve damage caused me to suffer 24 hours- 7 days a week, chronic pain felt all over my body. I was in constant agony.

Although I responded well to physical therapy, the chronic pain and nerve damage had not diminised over time. As a result, I was unable to sleep for days on end. I needed help badly and the specialists I consulted offered me ineffective cures including prescriptions for an assortment of pain-killing drugs.

When I arrived in the San Fernando Valley, a business associate referred me to Dr. Schnitman. There is something special, something extremely comforting about Dr. Schnitman- that I felt as soon as I met with him for a consulation and examination. After reviewing my medical records and performing several tests to determine my condition, he prescribed a series of customized restorative chiropractic treatments. He and his excellent staff have made significant difference in allowing me to cope with the chronic pain and the other injuries. I have also regained the ability to sleep once more. I still feel the pain, but now I can function normally.

Thank you Dr. Schnitman for helping me regain my health- the natural way.

Kahana C.

Kristin- Sherman Oaks, CA

 Schnitman Chiropractic is the place for true pain relief! I have suffered some degree of back pain ever since I was a teenager. As a result, Ive seen more than my share of chiropractors on and off over the years, and so I can say from experience that Dr. Schnitman is by far one of the best in the business. A few years ago, I sustained a serious injury to my spine, and after hospitalization, a slow recovery, and months of physical therapy, I continued to have trouble sitting and sleeping comfortably.

By a happy chance, I met Dr. Schnitman just when my back was threatening to worsen yet again. I was having terrible spasms, causing me to miss work and definitely impacting my quality of life. Now, almost a year later, I am not just back to normal; I am positively transformed! I walk every single day before work, and go for long hikes on the weekends. I enjoy a very active outdoor lifestyle without fear of doing anything that might cause my back to hurt. Most importantly, I am no longer plagued with chronic pain because of long hours at my desk job.

I am deeply grateful that I found such a dedicated and caring healer like Roni Schnitman. He is a great motivator and an inspiration, with his boundless energy and genuine concern for his patients. Thank you to everyone at Schnitman Chiropractic!


Kfir- Los Angeles, CA

I've been to several chiropractors and therefore, I have some perspective to say Dr. Schnitman is as good as they get. I had a severe hamstring tear from soccer several years ago that caused my pelvis to tilt and led to severe and chronic back pain. After a year and a half of seeing every specialist doctor imaginable in the Bay Area, I flew down to LA to see Dr. Schnitman on my mom's recommendation. He was very quick to diagnose the imbalance and adjusted me back to normalcy - for the first time in over a year I wasn't in intense pain! Since I was in school in the Bay Area at the time, I started seeing other chiropractors there, but never met one with whom I felt as comfortable as with Dr. Schnitman, whose knowledge, care and experience really set him apart. Now I'm back in LA and happy to be in good hands again. Others might not have as severe an injury as I had, but it's at the extremes that you notice the subtleties in expertise among chiropractors, and if Dr. Schnitman can help me, I'd recommend him to anyone else seeking chiropractic care.

Kfir G. 

Annat L. - Encino, CA.

Even after the many years of attempting different treatments and therapies, I have never achieved the results I have with Dr. Schnitman. I have been suffering from neck and back pain for several years now, and through his outstanding care, I have shown significant improvement. Dr. Schnitman and his professional staff are extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and work together to provide the best care possible. Through a professional and welcoming atmosphere, as well as commitment to the best possible treatment plans, Dr. Schnitman has patiently assisted me in my road to recovery, and has offered the necessary and most beneficial guidance I could possibly hope for. Additionally, as a result of my treament at Schnitman Chiropractic, along side with the alleviation from tremendous pain, several aspects of my life have improved now that I don't expereinece the excruciating pain I had felt for so long, not only has my immune system benefited tremendously, but I have also noticed improved sleep patterns, increased levels of energy, and more wholesome workouts. I highly recommend Dr. Schnitman to those who want healing, not only physcially, but also mentally and spiritually as well.

 Annat L. 

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